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Charlottenburg Schloss

Charlottenburg Schloss and Garden.

The Schloss celebrated its inaugural 11 July, 1699. It was built for Sophia Charlotte, first queen of Prussia. Her husband was Elector Friedrich III who became King Friedrich I when Prussia became a kingdom. Her eldest brother became King George the 1st of England.

The Schloss has a museum and an entry fee. The interior of the Schloss may be described as opulent. The famous Amber Room, now in St Petersburg Russia, was intended to be housed in the Schloss. It was given to Tsar Peter the Great by Friedrich I's son Friedrich Wilhelm I in 1716. The garden is free and quite large. There is a large decorated open portion with wide paths, large pottery and a big fountain. There is a much larger wooded area with a pond, gravel paths, a mausoleum and a Belvedere.   



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