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Berlin Technical Museum

Mathias Rust, remember him? It was in 1987 when as a teenager he flew a Cessna 172 P from Helsinki to Red Square in Moscow. That aircraft now hangs in the museum's lobby. How about the Berlin Airlift when American transport aircraft supplied West Berlin citizens with essentials to thwart a Soviet blockade. Some aircraft also carried small bags of candy and dropped them on the approach to Berlin's Tempelhof Airport. Those C-47's came to be called Raisin Bombers. There is one suspended outside over a high porch in the museum.


The museum occupies a part of the old Anhalter train station complex. The station opened in 1841 and its rail lines traveled through the old Duchy of Anhalt now a part of the German state Saxony-Anhalt. The station is described as a terminus and retains its 2 round-houses which are now filled with historical locomotives among other related items. Originally intended to showcase the history of rail transportation, the museum today is home to many other fields of science and technology.


The museum contains many excellent and informative exhibits, some are hands-on for kids or older kids. Aircraft range from before the Wright Brothers era to space vehicles. There are early aircraft engines to liquid propellant rocket motors. Computers run from working Jacquard looms to the more modern personal equipment. There are a few full size ships from early river craft to a tug boat along with many models of tall sailing ships. A video and models explain hull design, working demos for tacking a sailboat. Screw propeller vs. paddle wheel demo and so very much more.


Some interesting exhibits are outdoors; Two turntables for the round-houses, a full scale Dutch windmill with more windmill examples, a brewery and a working undershot water wheel powering a forge. I missed an entire section on automobiles. I only discovered it when I went to the museum's Trip Advisor page: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g187323-d559453-Reviews-German_Museum_of_Technology_Berlin_Deutsches_Technikmuseum_Berlin-Berlin.html#photos;geo=187323&detail=559453

There are 1322 photos there and very few with bystanders.   



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