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Spree Walk

Go at your own pace, it's relaxing.

The photos below were taken on two separate days. First starting near the western S-Bahn crossing and going past the Reichstag. The second day reverses that trip from the Central Train Station back towards the S-Bahn tracks. There is still much more to see past the Reichstag heading east.

Plan ahead, some areas near canal entrances can be confusing. Bring a map or a GPS device. There are benches but not a lot of rest stations. You wonder where they put all that good beer.

There are lots of bridges and wide pedestrian and bike paths on both banks, though not always. Some paths and bridges are currently being renovated.

There is quite a bit of modern and interesting architecture in the government area near the Reichstag.

Cafes and beer gardens offer refreshments on both Spree banks near the Central Railroad Station.

Many Turners availed themselves of the tourist boats on the Spree. It was one of the events offered by the Turnfest organizers. Some boats travel further than others, check it all out on-line. A Berlin Bridge tour uses boats that travel on both the Spree and Landwehrkanal and costs about € 30.  


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