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Pergamom Museum

The World famous Pergamom Museum is presently undergoing big changes and some popular exhibits are now temporarily closed. IE: The Altar at Pergamom. Still the museum is very much worth a visit. For reasons of safety, the reconstruction of some exhibits in the museum use modern construction methods behind a facade which combines original archeological parts with some modern facing.

A virtual tour of the museum when revisions are complete is available at:


The Pergamom Altar was built in the early 2nd century BC. for Zeus, King of the Greek Gods. Pergamom was a Greek city located in far western Turkey.

The Ishtar Gate of Babylon and the processional street leading to it are simply spectacular. Photos do not do it justice. The face of the gate is 46 ft. high and 100 ft. wide. My wide angle lens could not capture its extent. It was built to impress the visitors to Babylon and even today, it certainly does. But as awe inspiring as this gate is, it is only the smaller part of a much larger structure once constructed behind it. Pieces of that structure are still in storage, the museum is just not large enough to hold the entire display. You can see a tile lion from the gate or street in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There is also a life size reconstruction of part of the gate in Iraq.

The Market Gate of Miletus is a Roman structure built during the reign of Hadrian is just behind the entrance to the Ishtar Gate. Miletus is another city situated in far western present day Turkey.

Much of the original construction material has survived due to being buried by an earthquake.


Islamic Art.

Mshatta Facade: The walls of a palace and possibly a Mosque built in present day Jordan around 744 AD. The walls which are 108 ft. long and 16 ½ ft. high were once housed in the Bode Museum. It was originally built for Caliph Al-Walid II, but work was discontinued after he was murdered.

There are striking examples of pottery, porcelain and rugs among the other the exhibits in this section.


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