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Closing Ceremony

Like the Olympics, the Closing Ceremony is a large part of the whole event.  As soon as you enter the stadium, you notice there is something going on.  When the actual ceremony begins it is like a three ring circus and the performers are Turners doing what they do best.  Ever colorful and sometimes loud, there is always something that will catch your eye. The finale brings all the performers together and the announcement is made that the next Turnfest will be held in Berlin.  As you leave the stadium, the sky is filled with fireworks.  

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24Last Update 4/24/2021

Photos from the 2019 Ft. Wayne Turnfest are now up in the Events section.


Photos from the Berlin Turnfest are under the Events tab.


Steuben Day 2016 photos also under Events tab.


There are new sections of the Mannheim Turnfest under the Events tab.

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